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Waifu Simulator Multiplayer 0.7.0 MOD + APK

Waifu or Husband Simulator (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v0.3.4 Download

4.4 and up
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Waifu or Husband Simulator Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Waifu or Husband Simulator Bug Fixed
  • Waifu or Husband Simulator Added New Version
  • Waifu or Husband SimulatorMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

Waifu or Husband Simulator 0.3.4 (Mod): 🤭Diviértete con tu pareja virtual.

🎮Usa el joystick para navegar dentro de la habitación, boton x para hablar, y boton b para interaccionar.

👫Quieres ser una waifu, quieres ser un husband, selecciona a tu personaje y sal a la ciudad a interaccionar con las personas, busca tu pareja.

💺Interacciona con objetos en el mapa junto con ella.

🏃‍♀️Dile que te siga y lo hará si te ganas su confianza.

🍎🏀⚽💸Gana dinero, recolectando y vendiendo objetos en la tienda que esta junto a la ciudad, jugando basket, o jugando fútbol.


🔧⌛Entre mas comentarios positivos podremos mejorar mas el juego y así, lograr lo que el jugador, tu. Tengas lo que quieres. A una juego perfecto.

🔞El juego no contiene contenido sexual, va contra las normas.

⏳Juego aun en desarrollo: Al juego le quedan muchas actualizaciones por delante..
🤭Have fun with your virtual partner.

🎮Use the joystick to navigate inside the room, the x button to speak, and the b button to interact.

👫You want to be a waifu, you want to be a husband, select your character and go out to the city to interact with people, find your partner.

💺Interact with objects on the map together with her.

🏃‍♀️ Tell him to follow you and he will if you earn his trust.

🍎🏀⚽💸 Earn money, collecting and selling objects in the store that is next to the city, playing basketball, or playing soccer.


🔧⌛Among more positive comments we can improve the game more and thus, achieve what the player, you. Have what you want. To a perfect game.

🔞The game does not contain sexual content, it is against the rules.

⏳Game still in development: The game has many updates ahead of it.
Bugs and optimization fixed
New follow system, interaction with follow system
Love Indicator

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