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Trader Game Simulator Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Trader Game Simulator Bug Fixed
  • Trader Game Simulator Added New Version
  • Trader Game SimulatorMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

Trader Game Simulator 0.4 (Mod) APK: Welcome to Trader Game Simulator

Experience owning a real business by buying items such as electronics, groceries, foods etc. and selling it to your customers. You can learn complete business management by playing this game. You are lots of freedom in this game.

1. Buy your own shop and customize the look and feel of the interiors and exteriors.
2. Buy and choose items to sell and place them freely in your shop for the customers to pickup in their cart.
3. Travel the town in your pickup truck and buy items from other shops around the town.
4. Lots of products to buy and sell in the shop and mage their price/stock.
5. Place and design furniture’s in your shop the way you want.
6. Inventory system to keep items and furniture’s items when not in use.
7. Place the items you want to sell in your shop freely and let your customer come and pickup.
8. Eat food, sleep, rest and wash your character on time to avoid getting health injury.
9. Buy insurance for your shop to secure it from some accidents and thieves.
10. Bank facility in case you need loan or want to get interest from your deposits.

This game has lots of cool features for you to experience and play with your friends and families.

We will keep the game up to date and add more features to explore.

We hope you will enjoy this game and provide us with useful feedbacks for us to further improve this game.