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Soulite Monsters 1.6.2346 (Mod)

Soulite Monsters (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v1.6.2346 Download

Android 7.1+
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Soulite Monsters Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Soulite Monsters Bug Fixed
  • Soulite Monsters Added New Version
  • Soulite MonstersMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

Soulite Monsters 1.6.2346 (Mod): Welcome to the world of Soulite! A world where heroes command formidable Monsters to overcome their obstacles, harnessing the power of Soulite to merge Monsters they’ve fostered to combine their abilities into a wondrous new result!

Game Features:

• Adventure: Traverse dangerous environments in dungeon expeditions, collect as much loot as you dare then make a dash for the exit! All levels are procedurally generated making every exploration unique every time.

• Reward: Spoils are brought back to The Village and can be used to upgrade and improve it permanently, enhancing many game features

• Leadership: Collect various Heroes who provide distinct advantages for the Monsters under their care

• Strategy: Discover hundreds of abilities on Monsters, then Merge them together and group them with a Hero to create your ultimate strategy

• Combat: Heroes command their host of Monsters to intelligently use their abilities, they take care of the details, as the player you decide the overall strategy and enjoy the show

• Competition: Improve The Village and unlock Arenas, allowing you to compete with players around the world for coveted prizes

• Accessibility: Link your account to Google Play and enjoy playing on any of your Android devices, also feel free to turn the game off at any time, progress is always kept saved

This app offers in app purchases and may include advertisements

Join Fiona and Fang on their quest to restore their village after raging fires left much of it in ruins, while searching for the one that caused the destruction. During this journey encounter other Heroes, each with their own story to discover and perils to face.
New Features
– Experience Essence can be used on Monsters to directly provide them with experience
– Potions can be used during an Expedition on Monsters for various benefits
– Use Incense to increase the risk and rewards in an Expedition
New Content
– New Desolate Biome can be discovered after the Arctic Biome, 43 New Monsters bringing with them 100+ new Abilities
– 2 New Heroes and 2 New Equipment as rewards for completing new story quests
Also many improvements and fixes

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