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Plants and zombies mobs mod 0.7d08 (Mod) APK

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Plants and zombies mobs mod Game free download for android

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  • Plants and zombies mobs mod Bug Fixed
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  • Plants and zombies mobs modMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.Sandlikesun.Plantsandzombiesmobs

Plants and zombies mobs mod 0.7d08 (Mod) APK: Plants come to life, they are no longer just defenseless food that herbivores eat, now they are full-fledged mobs that have mutated and become capable of repelling zombies even at night. In order to find the spawn eggs of all these mobs, go to the creative mode where there are already all the spawn eggs, as an option, you can find all the mobs in the survival mode, for this you must go in search of the character Dave, who holds all the seeds in his pan. To craft a pot, you need five steel ingots, then go to the crafting table and add the ingredients to the pot. Collect the resources of the sun that fall from the sunflower. Each mob is unique and has its own model of behavior, for example, cherries now have the property of dynamite. Potatoes perform the task of mines, the zombies that attack explode and are destroyed. The strongest one is pea stitching, which attacks everyone in the distance by spitting out peas and shoots several peas at once. But at the same time, the doom mushroom, ghost pepper and puff mushroom have not yet come to life and no superpower has been assigned to them, they are still food. Added several bonus skins, including a cool dave skin. There are also skins of plants and zombies with teeth.

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