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Online Telephone Game – TELPIC (Mod)

Online Telephone Game – TELPIC (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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Online Telephone Game – TELPIC Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Online Telephone Game – TELPIC Bug Fixed
  • Online Telephone Game – TELPIC Added New Version
  • Online Telephone Game – TELPICMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.boxcreation.telepic

Online Telephone Game – TELPIC (Mod): TELPIC is a free online Drawing Telephone game.

It’s the drawing and guessing game where you draw what you see, then guess what you saw!

All players simultaneously draw, pass, and guess to reveal funny and unpredictable broken pictures!

It makes it more fun to play by chatting such as on Twitch, DISCORD, ZOOM, and etc.

Also for streamers, it’s fun to play with the audience!

If you are familiar with drawing and guessing game or telephone game,
It’s easy to enjoy it.

The more broken pictures, the more fun it brings laughter.

■How it works
【Round 1: Draw】
・All players receive their own notes.
・Each owner draws a secret word.
・All players simultaneously pass around the note.

【Round 2: Guess】
・All players guess the secret word.
・All players simultaneously pass around the note.

【Round 3: Draw】
・All players simultaneously draw the previous player’s guess.

【Round 4: Guess】
・All players guess the secret word.

【Reveal everyone’s story】
・When all players have answered, reveal the results and share them on SNS!

■ Features
・Number of players: 4

・Supported languages for secret words: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

・3 Game modes:
1)Online mode: An online mode where players randomly matched in a public room. All players simultaneously draw, pass, and guess to play. Share your hilarious story!

2)Play with friends: An online mode where players invite friends to play in a private room. Suitable to play at virtual parties or play with the audiences on live streaming. (ZOOM, Houseparty, Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Skype, LINE, WeChat and etc)

3)Offline mode: An offline mode where players can play with 1 secret word by passing around one device.

・Text chat: Players are able to enjoy text chatting while playing the game.

・Share: Share the result on SNS you like.

For more instruction, see the game instruction below

・Added language: Russian

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