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OneBit Adventure 1.2.76 MOD + APK

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OneBit Adventure Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • OneBit Adventure Bug Fixed
  • OneBit Adventure Added New Version
  • OneBit AdventureMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

OneBit Adventure 1.1.59 (Mod): OneBit Adventure is an action-packed roguelike dungeon crawler where you need to explore the world and continue to go up as you evolve and engage against rogue enemies. Your primary focus in OneBit Adventure is to survive. There are a plethora of monsters you must defeat and you will have to use all your skills to survive as far as you can.

— Multiple Character Classes–
In OneBit Adventure, you can be a warrior, blood knight, wizard, necromancer and pyromancer. Each one of the characters has its own unique play style, stats, abilities and weaknesses. You will need to do everything in your power to grow your character and build the ultimate class.

— How to Play —
You play by swiping the screen to moving your character. You can attack enemies by bumping into them and continue to until you defeat them. You can also acquire coins to stock up on healing items and explore the world filled with delicious loot and dungeons to crawl through.

— Leveling up —
Since OneBit Adventure is RPG at its core, you will earn experience every time you eliminate an enemy. You do have a limited amount of life displayed in the bottom left side of the screen and if your life reaches 0, it’s game over. Once you reach a new level, you will acquire skill points that can be used to upgrade unique skills. These differ for every character class where some increase magic powers while others increase critical chance.

— Manage your inventory —
As you play OneBit Adventure, you will acquire all kinds of items during your travels. Every item’s potential is explained in the inventory. Some items will restore HP, others restore mana or give you temporary boosts. If you find yourself low on health or mana, you can stop at any given time and come here to replenish. Enemies move as you move in this pixel turn-based roguelike game.

If you like RPGs and want to play a fun RPG on mobile, then you should consider OneBit Adventure right now. Stay away from the bottom of the screen and move onward to amazing adventures, all while trying to survive the creatures ahead.
• Immersive world
• Numerous classes to choose from
• Improve your character’s skills
• Engage in amazing boss battles
– Added Blacksmith to Ruins entrance
– Update campfire to auto save when force closing in campfire screen
– Fixed Pyro kills not counting towards kill count when enemy dies to burn
– Fixed Pyro immunity against burn
– Fixed Gold equipment not spawning with highest stats
– Fixed Gold upgrades not coming with highest stats
– Fixed Avatar task for Evil Tree rewarding for 100 instead of 1,000 attacks
– Fixed Rogue rarity not starting at 5k steps