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NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲーム 1.7.a0 MOD + APK

NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲーム (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v1.2.a0 Download

Android 8.1+
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NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲーム Game free download for android

NicoFlick - フリック入力リズムゲーム 1.2.a0 screenshots 1

What’s New In this update?

  • NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲーム Bug Fixed
  • NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲーム Added New Version
  • NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲームMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

NicoFlick – フリック入力リズムゲーム 1.2.a0 (Mod): NicoFlickはフリック入力リズムゲームである 故「ミクフリック」の パクリ、オマージュ、リスペクト、難民先 作品です。(Android版)


– フリックの反応が鈍いと感じたら他のIMEをインストールして試してみてください。
– Android版での楽曲/ゲームの投稿は今後実装予定です。




NicoFlickは 非営利 / 無広告 で活動しています。




NicoFlick is a Pakuri, Homage, Respect and Refugee work for the late “Miku Flick” flick input rhythm game. (Android version)

I made it because no one made it.

-If you feel the flick response is slow, install another IME and try it.
・ It is good to be able to hide the predictive conversion or to have a light action when flicking.
-Posting songs / games on the Android version will be implemented in the future.


・ End of service of head office (End of service on July 19, 2016)
-The application cannot be started (September 20, 2017)
・ If no one can make it, you should make it yourself


NicoFlick works on a non-profit / non-advertising basis.

[About copyright of music]

The copyright of the song belongs to the author. If you do not want NicoFlick to use the song, we will delete the song registration, so please contact us at the email below. (Please make @ half-width)

Also, songs that trust all copyright management to JASRAC cannot be played on NicoFlick. Delete a song post as soon as you confirm it.

For details, I wrote it on the database page, so please check there.

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