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NBA范特西 19 MOD + APK

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NBA范特西 Game free download for android

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  • NBA范特西 Bug Fixed
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  • Added Unlimited Money

NBA范特西 (Mod): 《NBA范特西》採用職業聯賽真實數據進行同步變化的體育類模擬經營手機遊戲,玩家可在遊戲中收集球員進行比賽,暢享籃球遊戲的樂趣。遊戲以籃球聯賽為背景,在遊戲中玩家將扮演一名職業籃球經理人,簽約籃球巨星組建強力的夢幻陣容去爭奪籃球場上的光輝榮耀。遊戲的主要內容是陣容搭配,球員選擇,比賽場上的指揮調度,戰術變化,球隊裝備強化,追求低薪球員等。通過遊戲,玩家可以深切地感受到籃球運動的魅力以及體育類游戲的樂趣。

NBA正版 范特西經典

巨星球員 王者陣容

經典策略 開闢新王朝

特色玩法 真實感受
“NBA Fantasy” uses the real data of professional leagues to synchronously change the sports simulation business mobile game. Players can collect players in the game to compete and enjoy the fun of basketball games. The game is based on the basketball league. In the game, players will act as a professional basketball manager, sign a basketball superstar to form a powerful fantasy lineup to compete for the glory of the basketball court. The main content of the game is lineup matching, player selection, command and dispatch on the game field, tactical changes, team equipment enhancement, and the pursuit of low-paid players. Through the game, players can deeply feel the charm of basketball and the fun of sports games.

NBA Genuine Fantasy Classic
The genuine authorized mobile game “NBA Fantasy” is played by the original fantasy team. On the basis of retaining the original characteristics of the “NBA Fantasy” page game, it also adds multiple different innovative gameplay methods, such as Street Basket 3v3. The basketball master 1v1 and other modes will make you feel the charm of a different NBA!

Superstar Player King Lineup
Really restore the real NBA player data, hundreds of players are waiting for you to choose, free match lineup, more mysterious gameplay, recruit superstars to plan strategies and become powerful managers.

Classic strategy to open up a new dynasty
Strategy, tactical simulation, and player data in “NBA Fantasy” are all very well integrated. Our game pays attention to gameplay and focuses on strategy. We hope to truly show an NBA strategy mobile game in front of everyone, through our own Strategic adjustments to create a dream team with the strongest NBA games!

Featured gameplay, real feeling
Brand-new social gameplay, player value is dominated by you, and classic modes such as real-time PK are provided for all players. What are you waiting for? Join us!