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What’s New In this update?

  • Langrisser Bug Fixed
  • Langrisser Added New Version
  • LangrisserMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

Langrisser 2.19.5 (Mod): [Wings of Vengeance]
Fan-favorites Shilinka & Ilucia, are now ready to join the cast of Langrisser’s mighty heroes!
Explore all-new main story chapters and uncover the mysteries awaiting Matthew and his party in the Crystal Wastelands, and prepare to dive into the [Swimsuit Summer Festival] event as things heat up in El Sallia! Defeat enemies in Secret Realm stages to unlock fantastic event rewards!

Embark on a Magical Quest for the Legendary Sword!
Langrisser’s first mobile outing takes us back to the continent of El Sallia to experience an all-new chapter in the great legend of the holy sword!

Classic Turn-based Strategic Battles!
Langrisser’s core gameplay makes a welcome return! Engage in exciting turn-based battles where you must counter your enemy’s units with the classic class priority system and use terrain bonuses to your advantage, all the while adjusting your strategy to achieve victory!

Upgrade Classes and Choose Your Destiny!
The much-loved class upgrade system is back! Each hero has their own unique upgrade tree! Change your heroes’ classes according to the situation and formulate the perfect strategy!

Stunning Anime Art Style!
Authentic, gorgeous artwork and animations that capture the distinct personality of each character and draw you into Langrisser’s captivating storyline.

Slay Epic Bosses with Your Friends in Huge Real-Time Battles!
For the first time in the history of mobile gaming, prepare to dive into real-time turn-based tactical battles and take on powerful bosses alone, or alongside other players!
Guild Battles Are Here! A New Challenge Awaits!
Join a guild with players around the world and work together to capture enemy strongholds! Prove to all that your guild is the mightiest in El Sallia and earn fantastic rewards!

Voiced by an All-Star Cast of Japanese Voiceover Legends!
Voiceover superstar Ryotaro Okiayu returns to the series, along with over 30 anime and gaming legends such as Yui Hori, Mamiko Noto, Saori Hayami, and many more providing the first fully-voiced experience in Langrisser’s history!

Original Score by Composer Noriyuki Iwadare!
The historic melodies of the Langrisser series also make a welcome comeback, as original composer Noriyuki Iwadare returns to work his musical magic, stirring the hearts of players once more in Langrisser Mobile!

Revisit Over 300 Classic Levels!
Travel through time to perfectly recreated battles from five generations of Langrisser games! With more than 300 classic scenarios for you to challenge, it’s time to take a journey to the golden age of gaming!

Collect Your Favorite Heroes from the Langrisser Series!
Everyone’s favorite characters from the original series have returned to the battlefield! Elwin, Leon, Cherie, Bernhardt, Ledin, Dieharte – the list goes on! United by fate and entwined in a battle for the future, the heroes of light and darkness are back once again!

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1. When previewing skins in the Skin Store and Change Clothes interfaces, you can tap on the character portrait on the left to preview a skin’s corresponding animations.
2. Fixed an issue where viewing Battle Reports in the Apex Arena BO3 interface would sometimes lead to the interface freezing up.