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Instant War Real-time MMO strategy game 1.16.0 (Mod)

Instant War : Ultimate Warfare – Fight & Conquer (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v1.13.1 Download

Android 4.4+
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Instant War : Ultimate Warfare – Fight & Conquer Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Instant War : Ultimate Warfare – Fight & Conquer Bug Fixed
  • Instant War : Ultimate Warfare – Fight & Conquer Added New Version
  • Instant War : Ultimate Warfare – Fight & ConquerMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

Instant War : Ultimate Warfare – Fight & Conquer 1.13.1 (Mod): The World is yours to conquer in Instant War: Ultimate Warfare, an immersive real time strategy game based on adaptation, skills and action that will give you the old school vibe of the true MMO Strategy genre. Elevate your empire, make it prosper and take over the entire world with your army to create YOUR new world order!
Take part in intense PvP and PvE battles and feel the thrill of victory in this futuristic military real time strategy game. Forget what you know about mmo strategy! In Instant War you take it to the next level.

Conquer, Dominate, Expand and Create strategies in order to make your enemies bite the dust.

Year 2040: States have collapsed and war rages on, unleashed technology has created a new generation of warfare.
Discover secret weapons, grow your empire and become the one and only true Commander of this new order!

From the ashes of the Old World, new nations have risen and become geopolitical superpowers.

The arms race is back and fiercer than ever. Extensive budgets are poured to develop new tactical weapons powered by AI.

Featuring the most advanced warfare technologies and by making geography matter, Instant War: Ultimate Warfare lets you wage war in the palm of your hand like never before. You can finally use mountains and rivers to funnel your enemies right into a trap, or to protect your base from flanking attacks.

Recruit elite troops, develop cutting-edge military technologies, and clash with opponents from all around the world in this epic blend of social MMO and tactical war game. Keep your friends and foes under your thumb and rule the battleground! But remember, in Instant War: Ultimate Warfare, there is no substitute for victory.


Build the Future:
Everything happens on a unified world map set in 2040.

Engage in massive real-time battles:
Link up with your alliance to conquer your enemies’ territory!

Unleashed Technology:
Train elite troops and craft new tactical weapons powered by A.I. to crush your opponents. Create your own army using tons of different units.

Master the battlefield:
Use 3D terrain at your advantage to ambush your opponents in true real time strategy fashion.

Stunning 3D Graphics:
Fully animated characters, high resolution terrain, dynamic lighting and beautiful VFXs.

PVE Missions & events:
Deep dive in pure MMO Strategy, progress with solo PvE missions and prove your might in intense PvP events.

Dominate the world:
Conquer the world with your alliance by claiming hard-won territories and elite resources. Reinforce their army and raid your enemies with your combined military power.

Instant War is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. You can switch off this option in your device’s settings.

A network connection is also required to play the game.

If you have problems while playing the app, or if you want to offer some interesting opinions for improving it, don’t hesitate to contact us on our Discord.
Update 13: Conscript & Drafter
• Conscript & Drafter: Invite your friends to Instant War and discover a new way to play, teach, learn and earn amazing rewards!
• Instant War Account: The long-awaited login mechanic is here! Secure and access your progress from multiple devices.
• Premium Pass Introduction: Access a brand new pass offering free rewards every day, reloading each week!
• Revamped Tutorial: The game’s tutorial has been revamped, improved and optimized.

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