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  • Grow Black Hole Bug Fixed
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  • Grow Black HoleMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.cocopapasoft.growblackhole

Grow Black Hole 2.0 (Mod) APK: Black holes are known as substances that absorb everything in the space.
Black Hole Growing Game is a game that aims to survive for as long as possible while absorbing smaller planets than black hole and avoiding bigger planets than black hole making black hole bigger based on black hole theory.

To make a black hole bigger, you have to eat the light floating in space.
Each time you eat light, the size of the black hole becomes larger.

Smaller planets than black hole can be absorbed by the black hole.
Smaller planets than black hole is linked to a dotted line to black hole, so you can easily know if it can be absorbed.

However, planets larger than black hole is also coming to you.
Larger planets than black holes can not be absorbed so you must avoid.
Get a high score by avoiding larger planets than black hole and absorbing smaller planets than black hole as possible you can.

As the black hole grows larger, you can absorb larger planets.
The score you get when you absorb a large planets is higher than the score you get when you absorb a small planets.
Because the size of black hole is saved automatically, you can continue the game from the final size of black hole.
It is easier to get a higher score than you starts with small size of black hole.
Let’s try the challenge and grow a black hole and make the best record.

[How to play]
1) The black hole moves to the place where the screen was touched.
2) When you eat light, the black hole grows bigger.
3) Do not hit a larger planet than a black hole.
4) Smaller planets than black hole can be absorbed.
5) The planet that can be absorbed is represented by a dotted line linked to black hole.
6) Make your black hole bigger while you survive as long as possible.
7) The more you absorb the larger planet, you can get higher score.