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EverMerge 1.20.1 MOD + APK

EverMerge (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v1.14.1 Download

Android 5.0+
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EverMerge Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • EverMerge Bug Fixed
  • EverMerge Added New Version
  • EverMergeMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

EverMerge 1.14.1 (Mod): EverMerge is a land built on matching & combining to make one big world! Not only are there hundreds of pieces to fuse together, the land is bursting with extraordinary tasks to complete as well. Part new-style match, part world-building and simulation, the land of EverMerge gets bigger and bigger one discovery at a time.

Discovery is at every turn in this wacky game – from new plots of land waiting to be unlocked, to finding new characters that are plays on classic tales – there is oodles to explore! Nearly everything on the gameboard can be matched for something bigger. Through combining clusters of items, collecting & harvesting resources, and organizing the gameboard the way YOU want, players test their skills in making the biggest match & clearing up the most space so that new pieces can scatter about.

There is a big world out there waiting to be discovered in EverMerge. What surprises will you find behind each combo, match, and merge?

• BUILD YOUR COLLECTION! Match & merge to collect characters, magic flowers, and MORE!
• DAILY QUESTS, RECIPE-MAKING, AND MORE! Get coins, collect chests, & reveal surprises to build up the town
•YOUR WORLD, YOUR STRATEGY! Place pieces on a wide open gameboard to make the biggest merges. Merging the way YOU want!
• BUILD CASTLES! The more resources you collect, the more you level up. Castles are so helpful!
• LIMITED TIMED EVENTS. Unicorns, birds of prey, oh my! Collect & harvest with them all!
• MINE FOR MORE! Running low on resources? Mine for stone, wood, & more of your world-building items
• ALWAYS MORE TO DISCOVER! Keep chopping, this world always has more to reveal & play
• MERMAIDS, PIXIES, GNOMES! All magical creatures live in this world!
• UNLOCK HUNDREDS OF COMBOS! New items always added, for more matching, merging, combining, & building
• TREASURES ARE WAITING! Magical gems, valuable coins, mythical wands, and enchanting chests make your world extraordinary!

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Happy Fall! EverMerge is back with a new update.

Get ready! A cool Autumn Wind is set to bring new seasonal chests and fall-themed pieces to EverMerge.
And … with the changing season comes even more all-new merging fun. Stay tuned!
We’ve fixed several annoying bugs with additional improvements to come.

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