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Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind games 5.5.1 (Mod)

Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind games (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v5.5.1 Download

Android 4.2+
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Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind games Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind games Bug Fixed
  • Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind games Added New Version
  • Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind gamesMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

Cutie Cuis – Brain teasers & Mind games 5.5.1 (Mod): Cutie Cuis is a brain teasers app starring guinea pigs and designed by scientist to train your mind and track your intelligence.
Are you intelligent? Prove it saving the cuis through fun brain teasers and mind games.

🐹 Cuis need your intelligence

Since ancient times the cuis have had to face thousands of dangers. In such a hostile world the only way of surviving is by being more intelligent than your enemies. Use your mind to solve their brain teasers and bring back peace to the guinea pigs.

🎮 Brain teasers and much more…

A brain teasers starring guinea pigs? Cutie Cuis is the funniest brain teasers app on Google Play. In addition to brain teaser games, you can discover your skills, customize your guinea pig and challenge your friends.
More than 14 brain teasers: Many challenges to training your cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, emotional intelligence or coordination.
Rewards. Save the cuis as much as you can and get a lot of prizes.
Tournaments and challenges: Join the tournaments and fight for rewards.
Rankings: Challenges your friends and achieve the first place.
Customize your cui: Dress your guinea pig and become the coolest.
Valuable stats: Track your performance and discover your multiple intelligences profile and cognitive skills.
Evolve your cui: Complete brain teasers and become the smartest and famous guinea pig.
Benefits: Our brain teasers are designed by scientist and educators. Check the game info and discover the benefits for your mind.
Cutie Cuis is the only brain teasers app what you can challenge your friends and customize your avatar. Are you more intelligent than your boyfriend? Prove it!

🎓 Brain teasers based in Multiple Intelligences Theory

Traditional IQ is dead. Cutie Cuis is based on the multiple intelligences theory to analyze your cognitive skills beyond the logical and verbal skills, such as musical, corporal, visual-spatial, naturalistic or emotional skills. Discover your talents and train your mind to strengthen.
Cutie Cuis is supported by research. We transform science into fun brain teasers. Thanks to our TOI method, designed in collaboration with scientists and experts in education, psychology and neuroscience, you can discover, train and enhance your multiple intelligences and cognitive skills.

🏋 Train your mind 10 minutes a day

Take a break of 10 minutes for training your cognitive skills with our brain teasers. Our experts recommend play few minutes a day to strengthen your brain health and keep your mind active.

👀 Featured app for ADHD

Cutie Cuis is not a simple brain teasers app, we work in collaboration with universities to research about attention-deficit and ADHD in adults and teens. Results indicate that the different brain teasers games of Cutie Cuis may be a suitable tool for the intervention on ADHD.
Thanks to the instructional design, Cutie Cuis also may be an interesting tool for work with gifted students or learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or reading disorder.

Are you bored with traditional brain teasers? Play Cutie Cuis and train your brain while contributing to the guinea pigs survival. They need your intelligence!

Update Cutie Cuis and enjoy a new game available: SharCui.

Rescue the cuis from the water with your surfboard while avoiding projectiles and crocodiles. Warm up your fingers, show your reflexes and get rewards.

Also, Cutie Cuis is now available in Italian.

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