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Andoku Calcudoku Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Andoku Calcudoku Bug Fixed
  • Andoku Calcudoku Added New Version
  • Andoku CalcudokuMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.andoku.calcudoku

Andoku Calcudoku (Mod) APK: How to play

The Calcudoku game grid has to be filled in such a way that the specified conditions are met by simple calculations in the four basic arithmetic operations.

As with Sudoku, no number may appear more than once in any row or any column. In addition, there are so-called cages, each of which contains a mathematical operator and a target value. This value corresponds to the result to be achieved by the calculation with the values in the cage.

Every puzzle has a unique solution that can be found without guessing.


• five different grid sizes (from 5×5 to 9×9)
• six levels of difficulty per grid size
• 15,500 unique puzzles in total
• games are automatically saved
• unlimited undo/redo
• a built-in calculator


Calcudoku was developed by the Japanese teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto for his students to promote the ability of mathematical and logical thinking. The game is also known as MathDoku, Ken-Doku™ and KenKen™.
Press the lightbulb icon at any time during gameplay for a smart hint on how to proceed!

Other changes:
• Minor design changes
• Updated library dependencies