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Alchemica – Crafting RPG (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v1. Download

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Alchemica – Crafting RPG Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • Alchemica – Crafting RPG Bug Fixed
  • Alchemica – Crafting RPG Added New Version
  • Alchemica – Crafting RPGMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.gdi.crunchybit.alchemica

Alchemica – Crafting RPG (Mod) APK: CHAPTER 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE!
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No internet connection is required for play

Main Features
• A blend of traditional turn-based RPG, tycoon simulation game, and puzzle gameplay.
• Be an adventurer! Explore dungeons and fight dozens of unique enemies.
• Be an alchemist! Discover recipes and craft various items.
• Be a shopkeeper! Manage and run your alchemy shop, win over customers, and become a successful merchant.
• Retro-styled role playing game with hand drawn pixel art graphics.
• Light hearted story with lots of interesting characters to interact with.

Welcome to Rochendil, a fantasy realm filled with magic and mystery. Peace has reigned over the continent for years, but signs of dark times are looming on the horizon.

Journey as Charlotte, a young alchemist returning to her hometown to pursue her dream to become a successful merchant. Little does she know about her future role in determining the fate of her world…

Explore Dungeons
• Traverse multiple levels of randomly generated dungeons connected through a mysterious network of ancient portals.
• Win battles against enemies in classic turn-based combat.
• Stock up valuable materials, loots, and treasures along the way.
• Claim victory over challenging enemy bosses.

Craft Items
• Fuse various materials into valuable and useful items.
• Discover multiple item combinations through experiments and quests.
• Use items you crafted to win battles, or sell them on your shop for gold coins.

Gain Profit
• Fill your store with loots you obtained and items you crafted.
• Haggle your way against various type of customers to earn gold coins.
• Become a renowned and successful merchant!