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鑽石角子 (Mod)

鑽石角子 (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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What’s New In this update?

  • 鑽石角子 Bug Fixed
  • 鑽石角子 Added New Version
  • 鑽石角子Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.Macau.JiaoZi.DiamondSlot

鑽石角子 (Mod): 『多人麻將,即時配桌』,『帳號多開,多機同步』。獨家「管家」系統玩麻將也能掛檯子,搭配行動、網頁、桌機完全同步,走到哪裡玩到哪裡,不論您身在何方都能盡情暢遊20幾款遊戲!21點、百家樂、賓果、柏青斯洛、小丑、扶桑、南國、各式老虎機,線上博奕休閒最佳選擇,挑戰全台第一線上遊藝館!


○ 【支援帳號多開】手機、網頁、桌機完全同步,多平台多開,隨時掌握盡情暢遊!
○ 【全球唯一推出】獨家專屬SLOT『激爆水果盤』!
○ 【全台自製首款】日式動畫機台『柏青斯洛:英雄無敵』!
○ 【完整日式機台】扶桑、小丑、南國,全部100%引進!
○ 【全台獨家機型】獨家規劃自制拉霸機型,別處玩不到唷!
○ 【高額抽獎活動】限時抽獎、景品回饋、機台彩金,隨時加入都能重大獎!

***歡迎到官方粉絲團分享您的想法 ***
***系統維護 ***
“Multiplayer Mahjong, real-time table configuration”, “Open multiple accounts, synchronize multiple machines”. The exclusive “Housekeeper” system can also be used to play mahjong. It is fully synchronized with actions, web pages, and desktop computers. You can play more than 20 games wherever you go, no matter where you are! Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo, Pachinslow, Joker, Fuso, Nanguo, all kinds of slot machines, the best choice for online gaming and leisure, challenge the first-line amusement hall in Taiwan!

The most fair and open game game! The Japanese-style physical machine is 100% reproduced online, and the exclusive “Excited Fruit Plate” connects the shop to the shop, burst after burst, so that you can be happy every day without going out and enjoy the most complete “online entertainment” platform”!

Game features introduction
○ [Support multiple account openings] Mobile phones, web pages, and desktops are fully synchronized, and multiple platforms can be opened, so you can control and enjoy your enjoyment at any time!
○ [The only launch in the world] Exclusive exclusive SLOT “Exciting Fruit Plate”!
○ [The first self-made in Taiwan] Japanese-style animation machine “Pachinslow: Heroes are invincible”!
○ [Complete Japanese machine] Fuso, Clown, and Nanguo, all 100% imported!
○ [Exclusive models in Taiwan] Exclusively planned homemade slot models, you can’t play anywhere else!
○ [High-stakes lottery activity] Limited-time draws, product feedback, machine prizes, and great prizes when you join at any time!

***Welcome to the official fan club to share your thoughts ***
If you have any questions about the game, please go to the fan club and someone will reply to you.
“Diamond Slot” fan group:
●This game is to provide players (12+) experience, does not have the function of gambling behavior and the probability of winning physical currency or prizes.
●Practicing status or achievements in social games does not mean that you will succeed in “cash transaction gambling” in the future.
***system maintenance ***
Every Thursday morning 10:30~12:00 (In case of adjustment, it will be announced in advance by the FB fan group)

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