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車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 5.5 (Mod)

車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v5.5 Download

Android 4.4+
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車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 Game free download for android

車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 5.5 screenshots 1

What’s New In this update?

  • 車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 Bug Fixed
  • 車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 Added New Version
  • 車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

車掌だGO! 車掌シュミレーター 【私鉄編】 5.5 (Mod): ここは縦山急行線。地域を支える4両編成の私鉄電車が毎日走っています。このゲームでは、車掌さんになってドアの開け閉めなどをし、安全が確認出来たら電車を発車させます。安全に運行し、最終駅により定時に到着させよう!


This is the vertical mountain express line. A four-car private train that supports the region runs every day. In this game, you become a conductor, open and close doors, etc., and when you are safe, let the train depart. Operate safely and let the final station arrive on time!

[Method of operation]
・ Open the door when you arrive at the station.
・ After getting on and off and closing the door when the departure signal lights up. Be careful not to get people caught.
-If the door lamp goes out and there are no people outside the yellow line, push the buzzer and send a departure signal to the driver.

[Please read before installation]
・ It is a game that one student is making with his hobby. I’m sorry, but we can’t respond to everyone’s requests. Also, sorry for that, but please note that the quality is limited.
・ Because I am a student and my income is small, I display advertisements in the app. Thank you for your patience for the continued release of the app.
・ All reviews are reviewed. Thank you for your interest in such an app. For beginners in programming, I sometimes find it difficult to work, but the words of everyone who supported me helped me. Thank you in the future.


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