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蒼天英雄誌 (Mod)

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  • 蒼天英雄誌 Bug Fixed
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  • Added Unlimited Money
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蒼天英雄誌 (Mod): 【遊戲簡介】
《蒼天英雄誌》是開發團隊耗時2年半精心打造新型態三國RPG手機遊戲,從畫面到玩法全面升級,不但人物設計更加精美Q萌、戰鬥畫面熱血華麗,操作簡單充滿樂趣,還有每天超多免費元寶福利,輕鬆稱霸三國! 2017年稱霸韓國、越南、大陸..等國家最強三國RPG手機遊戲,火熱在台推出!



收錄上百位三國Q炫武將,日系精緻的人畫風,刻畫每位三國人物不同的風格! 加上超熱血的戰鬥畫面,對戰時武將騰空連擊必殺技,一氣呵成特效碎屏效果,帶給玩家最火熱的戰鬥樂趣。

《蒼天英雄誌》除呈現三國劇情及世界觀外 ,特別採用語音與文字雙系統聊天模式,讓玩家在遊戲中能夠進行即時的互動,與其他玩家盡情交流切磋,互相聯絡感情,凝聚軍團玩家向心力!


[Game Introduction]
“Heavenly Heroes” is a new type of Three Kingdoms RPG mobile game that the development team has spent 2 and a half years meticulously creating. It has been fully upgraded from the screen to the gameplay. Not only is the character design more exquisite and cute, the battle screen is gorgeous, the operation is simple and full of fun, but also With so many free ingot benefits every day, you can easily dominate the Three Kingdoms! In 2017, dominate South Korea, Vietnam, the mainland.. and other countries’ strongest RPG mobile game of the three countries, hotly launched in Taiwan!

★Luxury voiced by well-known Japanese voice actors★
Panda Games specially invites Japan’s top voice actors to help out-Kugimiya Rie, Uchida Mari, Matsuoka Tsuijo, Shimono Hiro, etc., to record and dub the entire process in Japanese, interpreting the ultimate meaning of each military commander, and players can enjoy the game’s majestic story and copy content. !

★Full of benefits and easy access to high-level generals★
“Heavenly Heroes” gives players a wealth of free ingots and virtual treasures every day. Players can easily obtain many high-level orange generals, super combat power, and accompany players all the way through the battle, compete in the Central Plains, and unify the three kingdoms!

★Gorgeous Q painting style and broken screen special effects instantly cool battle★
Contains hundreds of Q-Hyun generals of the Three Kingdoms, exquisite Japanese style, depicting the different styles of each character in the Three Kingdoms! In addition to the super-blooded battle screen, the combat-time combat generals take off the air combo nirvana, and the special effects of broken screens are achieved in one go, bringing players the hottest fighting fun.

★Voice social, easy chat, full server hi turn★
In addition to presenting the story of the Three Kingdoms and the world view, “Heroes of the Sky” specially adopts the dual system chat mode of voice and text, allowing players to interact in real time in the game, exchange ideas with other players, communicate with each other, and unite the players of the Legion!

★Easily master the game to end the liver burst and stay up late ★
The game’s intimately designed battle acceleration, sweeping and other convenient functions, so that players don’t need to burst the liver and stay up late, quickly upgrade to sweep the challenge copy, and experience the fun of healthy games!

※This software is classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method because it involves violent plots.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※This software requires Android 4.2 or above
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.