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異塵餘生:庇護所Online 2.2.3 (Mod)

異塵餘生:庇護所Online (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v2.2.3 Download

Android 4.4+
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異塵餘生:庇護所Online Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • 異塵餘生:庇護所Online Bug Fixed
  • 異塵餘生:庇護所Online Added New Version
  • 異塵餘生:庇護所OnlineMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

異塵餘生:庇護所Online 2.2.3 (Mod): 《異塵餘生:庇護所Online》是單機版《異塵餘生:庇護所》的正版續作。在模擬經營建造庇護所之外,玩家還會與Fallout系列的經典英雄邂逅,組建探險小隊,共同對抗危險的敵人,開啟庇護所之外的全新廢土冒險旅程!末世生存,天降大任。監督者——您肩負著整個未來!








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Remaining Others: Shelter Online is a stand-alone version of the original sequel to Remaining Others: Shelter. In addition to simulating the operation of building a shelter, players will also join the classic heroes of the Fallout series to form an adventure team to fight dangerous enemies and start a new wasteland adventure outside the shelter! Survival in the last days. Supervisor-you have the whole future on your shoulders!

【game introduction】
The award-winning Fallout series is a classic eschatological video game and one of the best-selling IPs in the world. The stand-alone version of “Remaining Life: Shelter” was released in June 2015 and was named the “Best App of the Year” in 2015 by the Apple Store, with a total of 200 million downloads.
“Remaining Otherworld: Shelter Online” not only inherits the gameplay characteristics of “Remaining Otherworld: Shelter”, but also expands the playability of the previous work. From a unique storyline, to the artistic style of wasteland in the last days, to characters with different personalities, monsters and forces … Players can experience the waste they love more deeply in “Remaining Earth: Shelter Online”. Native culture.

[Continue to write wasteland legend]
For the first time on your mobile device, you can experience the world of the future with the wonderful content of the Fallout series, and write a new chapter for the story of the Fallout series.

[Collect Classic Heroes]
Collect your favorite Fallout heroes!邂逅 Rare or super powerful heroes, such as Nick Valentin, the famous synthetic detective!

[Start a new adventure]
Take an exciting new adventure in the wasteland and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the Overseer. Visit familiar classic scenes, such as Red Rocket and Diamond City, defeat the menacing predators, super mutants and death claws … Is the enemy or friend the road ahead? This is waiting for you to experience!

[Set up a hero squad]
Try to team up with different heroes and unlock their “team” combinations to get unique battle gains. Adjust different combinations of hero “teams” for the weakness or resistance of a specific attribute of the enemy, and there is no disadvantage in wasteland!

[Enjoy competitive fun]
Vast wasteland, the fittest survive. Meet new friends online and have fun with them in the “battlefield” arena. You can also compete against other players on the leaderboards to see who is the true wasteland king!

【contact us】
If you encounter problems while exploring the waste land, please contact us via:

Official Website:
Email: [email protected]

※ The content of this game involves violence (non-realistic characters fight but not bloody), and it is classified as auxiliary level 12 according to the game software management method.
※ This game is free to play, but there are other paid services such as virtual game coins and items provided in the game. Please make appropriate consumption according to your personal interests and abilities.
※ Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulgence. Playing a game for a long time will easily affect your work and rest. It is advisable to take appropriate rest and exercise.