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王者遠征 (Mod)

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  • 王者遠征 Bug Fixed
  • 王者遠征 Added New Version
  • 王者遠征Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.expedition.twgp

王者遠征 (Mod): 《王者遠征》首創陸地漂移合縱、跨服國家結盟、國戰賽季等玩法。同時在全新PBR技術渲染下,加入即時擬真天氣變幻,呈現出真實細膩且恢弘壯闊的國戰世界,帶來君臨天下的全景視效真實戰場。玩國戰,就玩《王者遠征》,攻城略地,隨時隨地為國一戰,書寫屬於你自己的王者篇章!




*本軟體因涉及暴力、戀愛交友 ,依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級。
“The King’s Expedition” pioneered the gameplay of land drifting and vertical, cross-server country alliances, and national war seasons. At the same time, under the new PBR technology rendering, real-time realistic weather changes are added, presenting a real, delicate and magnificent world of national warfare, bringing a real battlefield with panoramic visual effects that dominate the world. To play the national war, just play “The King’s Expedition”, siege the city, fight for the country anytime, anywhere, and write your own chapter of the king!
===Game Features===
[Thousands of people on the same screen, ten thousand people fighting for the country]
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia will fight in real time with the same server. Fiberhome convenes to stage the king’s hegemony; classic national war inheritance, official merits, unite and alliance, and go to war at any time; next-generation engine escort, thousands of people on the same screen, let you enjoy the real The national war PVP.

【Cross-service integration, subverting innovation】
Introduce land drift gameplay, combined vertical and dark battles with cross-server hegemony more passionate. There are also wonderful adventure gameplays, where adventures everywhere trigger battle power upgrades. There are also new modes such as the national war season system to help you soar your adrenaline, and the diverse battlefields allow you to fight anytime, anywhere.

[Panoramic visual effects, real battlefield]
3D panoramic free vision, with the new PBR technology rendering, real-time realistic weather changes, presenting a real, delicate and magnificent world of national warfare, giving you a 100% immersive experience, super-realistic enthusiasm, and the game experience is fully upgraded.

[Call friends and call friends, sweet love]
Mainly real social, 100% restore the love and hatred of the war era. Gang wars, national wars, regional bosses, and king battles, every expedition requires cooperation. Brotherhood, gang love, love and marriage, this is not a fight alone!

[Warm Reminder]
*This software is classified as a supplementary 12 level according to the game software classification management method because it involves violence, love and friendship.
*This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
*If you play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time and avoid being addicted to the game.

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