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  • 月光雕刻師 Bug Fixed
  • 月光雕刻師 Added New Version
  • 月光雕刻師Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.kakaogames.moonlighttw

月光雕刻師 (Mod) APK: 全球500萬讀者、超人氣小說改編IP,史上最強浪漫冒險RPG《月光雕刻師》版本 : 二轉職業新希望




– 韓國連載13年,最佳暢銷小說改編,體驗小說中龐大的冒險新世界
– 天堂之父-宋在京領軍打造的首款開放世界MMORPG
– 打造屬於自己的小屋,摩登市集,隨心打造時尚家園,享受裝飾的樂趣
– 隨處釣魚、輕鬆料理,人人都可以是食神
– 雕刻建立各個神秘雕像,獲得大量Buff
– 增加NPC的好感度,獲得意想不到的驚喜
– 隨時隨地的即時PVP 戰鬥系統,不服來挑戰
– 刺激的王室選拔賽,爭取成為最高榮譽的騎士團長
– Rogue-like式地下城,隨機地圖副本
– 最新多人組隊副本,合力突破攻打BOSS 獲得稀有裝備
– 煉金術開放,自由自在隨意調配,一人喝眾人補,一起成為最強隊伍
– 公會系統開放: 爭奪據點戰、公會雕像、公會小屋、專屬釣魚場、公會傢俱、公會狩獵場
– 雕像系統再升級,經驗值提升,品質再進化,全新雕刻品強化系統
– 魔水晶蒐集系統,打造傳說級的戰利品
– 收集錄系統開放: 怪物、雕像、夥伴
– 高級夥伴系統開放: 高級夥伴轉蛋、靈魂輔助背包、全新高級飼料
– 挑戰系統開放-米爾坎塔
– 委託任務開放: 委託、生活委託、道具交付委託
– 全新圓珠系統,裝備強化再進化
– 職業二轉系統開放


※本遊戲內含輕度打鬥畫面,依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12 級。
5 million readers around the world, an IP adaptation of a super popular novel, the strongest romantic adventure RPG “Moonlight Sculptor” version in history: a new hope for the second job
All-professional 2nd rank and professional quests debut, with unique gorgeous moves, together to become the strongest in the game. New goblin treasure chests, card making methods and new planning activities for the new year have been added. Let’s enjoy the new year together, continue to roam happily under the moonlight, and become the strongest adventurer!

Running in an unknown world
Adventure with the protagonist Wade
You may become the super leader in the game of domination
You may become a legendary adventurer under the moonlight
Realize all the impossible in this boundless land
Discover your own romantic little luck

Enjoy the fun of adventure and experience the romance of life to the fullest
From hunting to teamfights, from fishing to cooking
Rich gameplay waiting to be explored
In addition, you can freely sculpt and create a variety of fantasy creatures, and let them follow you on an adventure!

Join Moonlight Sculptor
Let’s explore this mysterious world together!

【Game Features】
– 13 years of Korean serialization, adaptation of the best-selling novel, experience the huge new world of adventure in the novel
– The first open world MMORPG created by Song Zaijing, the father of heaven
– Build your own cottage, a modern market, create a stylish home at will, and enjoy the fun of decoration
– Fishing anywhere, easy cooking, everyone can be a God of Cookery
– Sculpt and build various mysterious statues and get a lot of Buffs
– Increase the favorability of NPCs and get unexpected surprises
– Real-time PVP battle system anytime, anywhere, challenge
– Exciting royal trials to become the highest honored Knight Commander
– Rogue-like dungeon, random map copy
– The latest multi-player team dungeon, work together to break through and attack BOSS to get rare equipment
– Open alchemy, freely deploy at will, one person drinks the others to make up, and together become the strongest team
– Guild system open: battle for stronghold, guild statue, guild hut, exclusive fishing ground, guild furniture, guild hunting ground
– The statue system has been upgraded again, the experience value has been improved, the quality has been re-evolved, and the new sculpture enhancement system
– Magic crystal collection system to create legendary loot
– Open collection system: monsters, statues, partners
– Advanced partner system is open: advanced partner gashapon, soul support backpack, new advanced feed
– Challenge system open – Mirkanta
– Delegated tasks are open: commission, life commission, item delivery commission
– Brand new ball system, equipment enhancement and evolution
– Career 2 transfer system is open

【Official Community】
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Go to the Facebook fan group and official website to get first-hand information now!
In addition, beanfun! will also hold small events from time to time!

“Moonlight Carver” official website:
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※This game contains light fighting screen, which is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method of the Republic of China.
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.