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  • 最強蝸牛 Bug Fixed
  • 最強蝸牛 Added New Version
  • 最強蝸牛Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

最強蝸牛 (Mod): 2020最ㄎ一ㄤ超進化放置RPG火爆來襲!







學霸靠科技,魯蛇靠變異,六大形態百種蝸殼,進化變異戰力硬核。低等生物不要怕,器官移植變蝸霸,既能研究DNA,DIY蝸牛殼,自定義旅行形態與外觀,又能選擇專屬戰鬥形象, 嚇退五十米開外的敵人。



謎之遊戲庫,玩啥你做主,多樣玩法新奇百變,每日上線不同體驗。既能維修火箭上天一窺神域天機,又能挖掘地縫一探地底隱秘,蝸牛格鬥、打怪爬塔… 家裡還有台神秘的遊戲機,裡面豐富的內容不可言喻。



The most super-evolved place RPG of 2020 is coming!
Energetic throughout the journey, start now!

In 2120, the end came and the species became extinct 99%. Only you, a small snail, a lower animal, survived. As the only surviving creature, you decide to fight fate, travel through the world, destroy the evil god, and save your homeland! But you still don’t know, the only reason you survived…

You catch the legendary time machine and go back to today in 2020, and the life waiting for you is:

-Idle travel: travel around countries, explore intelligence, defeat powerful enemies, and collect collections;
-Evolutionary development: six major forms, hundreds of volutes, evolutionary mutations, and monster upgrades;
-Boom daily: the brain is open, the colorful eggs are repeated, the partners are visiting, the children and grandchildren are full;
-D Slot Paradise: Hundreds of gameplays, novel experiences, go to heaven and earth, fish in the river;

Can’t wait, the text is too scarce, enter the game and experience the life!
“The only hint: you can’t do it if you don’t think about it”

[Game Features]

Travel freely across the country, place a small fortune, stop at any time when you travel, and travel around the world is full of benefits. Start exploring step by step and sneak into new areas to gather intelligence. Not only can you defeat the Cthulhu Apostle and become stronger on the way, you will also encounter various events full of regional styles to piece together the truth.

Xueba relies on technology, Lu snake relies on mutation, six major forms of hundreds of volutes, evolutionary mutation and hard core. Don’t be afraid of low-level creatures. Organ transplantation will become a snail. You can research DNA, DIY snail shells, customize the travel form and appearance, and choose an exclusive combat image to scare away enemies 50 meters away.

Thousands of pages of illustrated book, collect the world, classic treasures of ancient civilizations, don’t let it pass by. A million words of serious and humorous descriptions of objects, more than 400 valuable collections of various shapes, unfamiliar and familiar, are filled with back to fill the showcase, and the value of the five-dimensional attribute is doubled, making every trip full.

The brain hole is super-loaded, the plot is unfolding, the mysterious partner visits quietly, and the daily children and grandchildren are full. The homes on the inner and outer floors are covered with colorful eggs, and there are visitors from all walks of life with different thoughts every day. Boom, the door rang again. Are you visiting today’s partners who live and die together or are you unscrupulous killers?

Mystery game library, you decide what you want to play, a variety of gameplay novels, and different experiences every day. It can not only repair the rockets to get a glimpse of the secrets of God’s Domain, but also dig into the ground to explore the secrets of the underground, snail fighting, monsters and towers… There is also a mysterious game machine at home, which is rich in content.

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※This software is classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method because it involves violent plots.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.