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御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMO 2.0.3 (Mod)

御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMO (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMO Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • 御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMO Bug Fixed
  • 御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMO Added New Version
  • 御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMOMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

御仙訣-3D大型古風武俠MMO (Mod): 「御仙訣」3D大型古風武俠MMO手機遊戲。御劍江湖載酒行,連城猶擁淺吟詩。遊戲將歷史、武俠等多種元素巧妙的融為一體,表現出了大唐博大精深的武俠文化,更融入了許多新潮元素來迎合玩家的需求。3D高清畫質的游戲畫面,配合流暢爽快的打擊感,讓各位玩家有非一般的遊戲體驗。

【神寵養成 伴隨同行江湖】

【自創連招 戰鬥獨步江湖】

【百變時裝 造型隨心搭配】

【情牽三生 眷侶江湖相遇】

“Yu Xian Jue” 3D large-scale ancient style martial arts MMO mobile game. Yujian rivers and lakes carry wine, Liancheng still has light poetry. The game cleverly integrates various elements such as history and martial arts, showing the profound martial arts culture of the Tang Dynasty, and incorporates many trendy elements to meet the needs of players. The 3D high-definition picture quality of the game screen, combined with the smooth and refreshing sense of strike, gives players an extraordinary gaming experience.

※Featured gameplay※
[Cultivation of God’s Pet, Accompanied by the Rivers and Lakes]
Walking in this chaotic world will inevitably have various encounters. The companionship of god pets can give you strong support in this chaotic world. They may be cute or mighty, and the power that erupts when the owner encounters danger is enough to make you Be amazed!

[Create your own combo to fight alone]
In the process of upgrading your tour, you can learn different skill moves. The game’s skill matching system provides you with a unique combo method, so that your opponent can’t figure out your next operation, so as to take the lead in the duel. !

[Variety of fashion styles to match your heart]
There are hundreds of fashions in the game, and each fashion can be dyed and matched according to your preferences. In addition to the antique clothing, the game also has styled hairstyles and fashion appearances. All the shapes are made by you!

[The love of the three lives, the family meets the river and lake]
Half-fate Xiuxian, half-fate monarch, Xiaoyue Qingfeng drunk sword dance. Travel the world of the prosperous Tang with your confidant, fight the sword, hold your hand, and create a romantic story that belongs only to you!

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