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异形虫入侵地球 2.1 MOD + APK

异形虫入侵地球 (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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异形虫入侵地球 Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • 异形虫入侵地球 Bug Fixed
  • 异形虫入侵地球 Added New Version
  • 异形虫入侵地球Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

异形虫入侵地球 (Mod): 《异形虫入侵地球》这是一款非常有趣好玩的策略冒险手游。在游戏中玩家将会化身成为一名非常优秀的冒险手游。在游戏中玩家化身的异形虫只有一个目的就是不断地感染各种生物,喜欢重口味游戏的玩法可千万别错过了!
“Aliens Invade the Earth” is a very interesting and fun strategy adventure mobile game. In the game, the player will be transformed into a very good adventurous mobile game. In the game, the alien worms that players incarnate have only one purpose is to continuously infect various creatures. Don’t miss the gameplay that likes heavy-tasting games!
On a quiet night, the alien worm invaded the earth and found its host to parasitize it. Players need to control the opposite sex insects to swallow the human internal organs in the game to complete the bloody evolution, continue to spread various viruses, let the opposite sexes experience the evolution of various creatures, successfully invade the earth and leave, the game process is full of violence and bloody elements , Requires the player’s strong psychological endurance, come to the game for a fun and fun evolutionary feast of killing! ! !

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