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少年三国志2新马版 (Mod)

少年三国志2新马版 (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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What’s New In this update?

  • 少年三国志2新马版 Bug Fixed
  • 少年三国志2新马版 Added New Version
  • 少年三国志2新马版Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money
  • com.yoozoogames.ss2game

少年三国志2新马版 (Mod): 《少年三国志2 新马版》由世界一流研发团队,历时三年倾力打造,以高福利体验为宗旨,登录就为玩家送出武将80连抽,不充值也可免费领取VIP等级!






“Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2 New Malaysia Edition” was built by the world’s first-class R&D team for three years. With the aim of high-welfare experience, players will be given 80 consecutive draws for the generals after logging in. You can also receive VIP levels for free without recharging!
Hundreds of top painters have joined “The Younger Three” to carefully outline the outstanding young men of the Three Kingdoms! In addition, the original soldiers conform to the hitting method, breaking through the limitations of your lineup! There is no consumption even if the player is changed, and the resources collected by the players will never be wasted!

[Feature 1] Massive benefits, log in to get VIP privileges
To carry the high welfare to the end, we must have a good time! If you log in and activate it, you will get 100 consecutive draws, and you will receive 80 consecutive draws when you sign in for seven consecutive days. In the first week, you will receive 30,000 ingot resources and exquisite fashions, and you will also receive VIPs for free! If you get the benefits soft, you are not afraid that you will not use it, or you will not be able to use it up!

[Feature 2] Combination of strategies, free combination of hundreds of combined moves
The unique combination attack system and free strategy combination create unlimited possibilities for the battlefield! With hundreds of combos, the heroes of the Three Kingdoms are all under your command! A variety of training programs, aiming at different combat scenarios, fight wit and courage. And the skills release special effects are cool, and the visual enjoyment will be the ultimate!

[Feature 3] Become a god, experience the “card + RPG” gameplay
The original gameplay of “Shaoxing Three” game, which integrates RPG elements, allows cards to move freely, allowing you to explore the dungeon map to your heart’s content. At the same time, you can also become legendary gods such as Zhao Yun and Lu Bu, relive the epic classic battles, and write your own story of the Three Kingdoms yourself!

[Feature 4] Hot-blooded country comics, reshaping the three kingdoms of teenagers
Hundreds of top painters join in to create the peak of youth generals’ appearance! The mighty and domineering Cao Cao, the naughty and cute Xiao Qiao, the heroic Zhao Yun…More than 300 generals of the Three Kingdoms, perfectly restored to 16-year-olds! Every expression and action are lifelike and unique!

[Feature 5] National planning, you have the final say in the Three Kingdoms
More than 50 gameplays are not enough to play? The beloved general hasn’t appeared yet? Call the planner directly! Juvenile spirit should not be limited. Novelty brains are the source of our progress! We all want your unconstrained creativity and inspirational ideas! The Three Kingdoms, now you have the final say!

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