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小小勇者 3.2.2 MOD + APK

小小勇者 (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v2.3.3 Download

Android 4.1+
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小小勇者 Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • 小小勇者 Bug Fixed
  • 小小勇者 Added New Version
  • 小小勇者Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

小小勇者 2.3.3 (Mod): 《小小勇者》是一款放置類遊戲,遊戲講述了在魔物肆虐的災厄年代裏,年輕的勇者為了拯救家園而進發的冒險征途。

“Little Warrior” is a placement game that tells the adventures of the young brave in order to save their homes during the disaster-ridden era.
In the game, players mainly interact with various characters by triggering various random events that appear in the event system to create powerful equipment, meet trusted companions, develop high-level elves, obtain rare resources, obtain blessings in battle, and then gain combat power. Defeat powerful monsters and continue to advance towards the cursed land where the devil is.
The game style is easy and casual, easy to get started, and the rich development elements can let people experience endless adventure fun.

Long ago, humans and elves lived in harmony on the Yogel continent. Humans established several prosperous countries on the continent and jointly believed in the goddess of the earth, Lilith; the elves lived in the forest and guided the lost travelers . People and elves do not invade each other and have always lived a peaceful life.
However, the peace that has been maintained for hundreds of years is finally broken by the monsters who landed from the southern coast. The arrival of the army of monsters heralds the recovery of the ancient demons-
In the legendary era, the continent was once dominated by demons, and humans who had been living under the demise of the demons fought back. Under the guidance of the goddess of the earth, Lilith, the human leader, the brave Gerald, through the thorns and thorns, through the hardships, with the assistance of the elves, Geral finally sealed the devil and its minions in the cursed land and brought it to the mainland Peace.
Now the army of monsters has been raging on the mainland of Yogel. Under the drive of the demon king Garufa, the monsters spread curses everywhere, and brought death and destruction, and launched revenge on humans and elves.
The burning war spread on the ground, the footsteps of the monster army can no longer be stopped, the only way to save the homeland is to once again embark on the glorious journey of the legendary brave hero Geral, defeat the powerful king of the devil, and restore it Seal-Only in this way, the monsters without dragons will stop the attack.
Although the former brave man is dead, the descendants who inherited his will and faith still exist. In order to regain peace on the mainland, the young brave men accepted the king’s decree and embarked on an adventure with the companions to the land of curse …

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