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叫我大掌櫃:原創正版古風經營 2.6.1 (Mod)

叫我大掌櫃——回到宋朝當首富 (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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叫我大掌櫃——回到宋朝當首富 Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • 叫我大掌櫃——回到宋朝當首富 Bug Fixed
  • 叫我大掌櫃——回到宋朝當首富 Added New Version
  • 叫我大掌櫃——回到宋朝當首富Mod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

叫我大掌櫃——回到宋朝當首富 (Mod): 2020首創清明上河圖畫風模擬經營商戰手遊『叫我大掌櫃』下載火熱開啟中,快來成為第一批入駐宋朝創業的首富吧!叫我大掌櫃,身價翻百倍!💰💰

* 臉書專頁:
* 遊戲官網:







2020’s first Shanghe Picture Style on Qingming FestivalThe download of the mobile game “Call Me the Big Shopkeeper” is currently open. Come and become the first batch to enter the Song Dynasty The richest man to start a business! Call me the big shopkeeper, worth a hundredfold! 💰💰

★Official Information★
* Facebook page:
* Game official website:

★Open a shop and be a shopkeeper★
Crossing to the street market of Shanghetu on Qingming Festival, starting from a shop, to the last tea shop, theater, brothel, escort station… Not afraid of not making money, just afraid of incomplete stores! Huh? So there was a milk tea shop in the Song Dynasty!

★Give money to the bank at the beginning★
Don’t ask for help! The game’s first “send money” gameplay, you can quickly make money by clicking on the bank, and you have a lot of money!

★Recruiting all customers★
Strike iron and sell sugar, do your own line! Combining all industries in the market, the five major professions of the ancient “skilled, farmer, business man” are perfectly reproduced! With the same profession with the same type of shops, there is no limit to the speed of making money!

★Shopping malls are like battlefields★
The villain is the hardest to stop! While focusing on the money, you must be careful not only to be wanted, but also to prevent the mansion from being taken. Think carefully and send the best lineup of doormen to be better in the business war!

★There are beauties in the market★
Travel across the country and meet stunning beauties! After marrying the door, summoning every night, you can see a different beauty! And the fate of the beauty and the doorstep can also enhance the doorstep’s qualifications!

★Raise a baby as early as possible★
The dragon gives birth to the dragon and the phoenix, the mouse’s son will make holes, and the beauty of the beauty will affect the offspring’s talents! Heirs after adulthood can also get a higher earning bonus through marriage! Please don’t let your children die alone!

*This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 15 levels.
*The content of this game involves violence, love and friendship, and the characters are dressed to highlight the chest and arms.
*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.
* Playing games for a long time will easily affect the normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise moderately.

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