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リバーシNET -オンライン対戦ゲーム 定番のテーブルゲーム 1.17.0 (MODs) APK

リバーシNET-無料のオンラインリバーシ対戦アプリ-ボードゲーム (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v Download


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リバーシNET-無料のオンラインリバーシ対戦アプリ-ボードゲーム Game free download for android

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What’s New In this update?

  • リバーシNET-無料のオンラインリバーシ対戦アプリ-ボードゲーム Bug Fixed
  • リバーシNET-無料のオンラインリバーシ対戦アプリ-ボードゲーム Added New Version
  • リバーシNET-無料のオンラインリバーシ対戦アプリ-ボードゲームMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

リバーシNET-無料のオンラインリバーシ対戦アプリ-ボードゲーム (Mod): 定番のボードゲーム『リバーシ』をスマホでプレイしよう!

◆リバーシNET (Reversi NET) とは?◆

◆リバーシNET (Reversi NET)の面白さ・特徴◆

▶︎ オンライン対戦機能

▶︎ 練習モード(1人プレイ)

▶︎ 実力アップのための便利機能付き

▶︎ 短時間で遊べる

▶︎ 操作も簡単でシンプル

▶︎ アバター機能



『リバーシ』は、白黒の2種類の石を8 x 8のマス目の盤面に交互に配置し、相手の石を自分の石で挟むことによって自分の石へと換えていき、最終的な盤上の石の個数を競うボードゲームです。




Let’s play the classic board game “Reversi” on your smartphone!
Reversi NET is a free reversi game app that you can play online at any time.

◆ What is Reversi NET? ◆
You can play quickly on your smartphone during your free time.
Free and popular classic table game app “Reversi”
You can play online against players from all over the world with the online battle function.
If you want to practice alone, you can play against AI in practice mode.
There are also convenient functions such as game record playback and history function to improve your ability, all for free!
It’s a game app that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

◆ Fun and features of Reversi NET ◆

▶ ︎Online battle function
・ You can play online against your friends and users all over the world!

▶ ︎Practice mode (single player)
-Equipped with powerful AI, you can enjoy it alone or offline!

▶ ︎ With convenient functions to improve your ability
・ Playing game records
・ History function

▶ ︎ You can play in a short time
・ You can enjoy it in a little time and it is perfect for killing time!
-Ideal for a little gap time such as commuting to school, waiting time, taking a break from work or housework!

▶ ︎ Easy and simple operation
・ Easy to play

▶ ︎Avatar function
・ You can choose a cute avatar

◆ Recommended for the following people ◆
Since it is a simple rule, it can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups from children to seniors.
Especially for those who like board games (Othello, Shogi, Go, Chess) and those who are good at brain games such as playing cards and quizzes.
It is also recommended as a brain training and brain teaser!

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◆ What is “Reversi” of Reversi NET in the first place? ◆
“Reversi” is a board game for two players.
In “Reversi”, two types of black and white stones are arranged alternately on the board of 8 x 8 squares, and the opponent’s stone is sandwiched between your own stones to replace them with your own stones, and the final board. It is a board game that competes for the number of stones above.

◆ How to play “Reversi” ◆
(1) First, start by placing two black and two white stones alternately in the four squares in the center of the board.
(2) From the black stone player, place them one by one, and turn over the sandwiched stones to increase your own color. (Black stone player is first, white stone player is second)
(3) When the board is completely filled or there are no more squares to hit in both black and white, the game is over.

* You can pinch it vertically, horizontally, or lick it, and turn over all the pinched stones.
* If there is no way to make a move, it will be a pass.

Adults are also addicted to it! Please try Reversi NET once!

“Reversi NET” is free, but it is operated by advertising.
Thank you for your understanding.