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ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム 3.1.1 (Mod)

ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム (MOD Unlimited Money) with latest version v3.0.9 Download

Android 4.4+
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ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム Game free download for android

ザ・花札 こいこい編 - 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム 3.0.9 screenshots 1

What’s New In this update?

  • ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム Bug Fixed
  • ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム Added New Version
  • ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲームMod link working fast
  • Added Unlimited Money

ザ・花札 こいこい編 – 勝ち抜き戦が楽しい無料の花札ゲーム 3.0.9 (Mod): 美しい日本の四季を彩った札が風を切り裂く花札の世界。







・対戦方式 (3か月、6か月、12ヶ月、争奪戦)
・時間制限 (なし、5秒、10秒、20秒)
・月見・花見で一杯 (ON/OFF)
・こいこい時得点の倍返し (ON/OFF)
・7文以上は得点2倍 (ON/OFF)
・手四・くっつき (ON/OFF)



自動更新の解約をおこなうには、Google Playより手続きをおこなってください。
The world of the flower tag which the bill which colored the beautiful Japan’s four seasons cuts the wind.
A match with 7 unique opponents and “Koi Koi”!
◆ We introduced victory game and ranking newly ◆

You can play Koikoi, the most popular item of Hanada, a traditional card game in Japan, with beautiful graphics and crisp sounds.
Set your favorite background, tag type, BGM in the game, and enjoy the heated and irresistible heated flower card match.

For those who do not know “Kokoikoi”, the help in the app has a list of rules and explanations.
In addition, if you become a premium member, you can play not only Koikoi but also Hanameji.

■ Realism and exhilaration
I was particular about directing the game to heat up the game of the heated Hanafuda, such as the sound effect of the bill tearing the wind, and the completion animation of the powerful work.

■ “win game” and “free game”, two game modes
We have prepared two game modes: a “winning game” where you can compete the ranking of the score results and a “free game” where you can play leisurely.

■ 7 opponents with different personalities
We have prepared 7 opponents with different strengths, how to put out the bill and habits.
As you progress through the wins, new characters will be available for free play.

■ You can set your favorite atmosphere, BGM
BGM can be selected from a total of five types, and a total of six types of combinations of backgrounds and tags.
Please enjoy the game of Hanafuda in your favorite atmosphere.

■ Configurable rules
・ Basis system (3 months, 6 months, 12 months, battle)
・ Time limit (none, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds)
・ Full moon and cherry blossom viewing (ON / OFF)
・ Double return of score when it is cozy (ON / OFF)
・ Seven or more sentences are twice points (ON / OFF)
・ Hand four ・ Stick (ON / OFF)

■ Save the results
The number of finished performances and the record of each match against each character are automatically saved for each type of eye and can be checked at any time.

■ About premium members
The benefits of Premium Members that can be registered by paying ¥ 120 per month are as follows.
・ Delete ad
・ We can play “Flower match” to play with three people

※ Notes on Premium Member Registration
Premium member registration is automatic renewal (pay).
After registration, it will be updated automatically unless it is canceled more than 24 hours before the end of the usage period.
Please do the procedure from Google Play to cancel the automatic renewal.
The daily charge of the usage fee can not be canceled, and the registration period can not be canceled or refunded.

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